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And this is why you should focus your energy during specific trading sessions. Forex trading hours – learn how to avoid the losses from trading at low liquidity times. Swing traders mostly rely on technical analysis tools, such as indicators,… World Time Zone is an online time zone map which displays the current time in specific time zones. Users may search for the time in specific cities and also view zoomed in portions of the map by region. Naval Observatory, the time zone map provides a geographic view of local times from around the world. The printable versions of the map are the easiest to read.


However, just because you can trade the market any time of the day or night doesn’t necessarily forex time zone converter mean that you should. Uncover the most profitable hours and when you should avoid trading.

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  • You can open up different accounts such as standard, VIP, Nano and Cash, and use the most up-to-date MT5 trading platform.
  • Uncover the most profitable hours and when you should avoid trading.
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  • The highest volume of trading activity happens during the London session but liquidity is at its highest when New York opens and overlaps with the London session.
  • Each line color represents a different market session.

So the best time to trade is when the market is most active, typically during the London trading session. Since the Forex market is available globally, it is even accessible during weekends in different time zones, and there are various sessions that we will explain in great detail. So keep reading this article to learn about Forex market hours, learn about sessions, and trade in them. A 24-hour forex market offers many institutional and individual traders a considerable advantage because it guarantees minimum liquidity and the opportunity to trade at any time.

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Therefore, having trades open over the weekend can be very risky, as when the markets open, they may be at a low or high. The worst time to trade is when the liquidity in markets is low. The worst time to trade is during holiday periods like Christmas because the big banks and hedge funds are closed, and then the market tends to become very slow and unpredictable. Also, during the hours that major markets are close, trading can be tricky. Find out the average global currency trading volume at any given hour of the day.

forex time zone converter

The Time Zone Converter provides a time converter and world time for countries of the world. The converter is very easy to use, and has the option of converting either the current time or the date and time of an event, such as an important business meeting. This means that you can place trades through your broker 24 hours a day and trade at a time that’s convenient for you. In fact, the total size of main page is 110.3 kB. This result falls beyond the top 1M of websites and identifies a large and not optimized web page that may take ages to load. Javascripts take 49.6 kB which makes up the majority of the site volume. The Market Hours indicator has predetermined values that pertain to the hours in which the major markets would open and close.

Capturing trading opportunities around the clock

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Forex Hours of Trading

Bloomberg Business app offers access to worldwide financial markets and business news, market price info, and some portfolio tracking tools. The European session comes to life and keeps the Forex market active just before the Asian trading hours close. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day for five days a week. This means that you can trade at any time of the day or night. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. The more traders…trading, the higher the trading volume, and the more active the market.

Click on a time zone for Daylight Saving Time transition dates and times. The volatility is scary and fast, but if you aren’t already in a trade, you can jump in once you see the major trend, usually after the first 5-15 minutes. Use the world clock to see the current time around the world. The best volume indicators are a gem to have as you…

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