One peril facing job-hunters? Being ghosted

Use this technique when exhaustion or false narratives take over. Understanding why you want a new job will help you focus on the end goal. It will allow you to enter the search from a place of exploration and empowerment, which will motivate you find space for job hunting instead of filling that space with paralyzing anger or fear. Remember that no matter the outcome of your job searching and the number of rejections you’ve received, your current situation doesn’t define you.

job hunting depression

One month went by with no response, so Steven restarted his job hunt, applying to other positions. Then, one memorable day, he got a call from a recruiter at the law firm. “They’d been impressed by my interviews and wanted to extend a formal offer. A few hours later, they emailed me the contract and I was shocked to discover that they were offering me more money than I’d asked for,” he explains. After a tough few months on the hunt for a job and just as he was beginning to lose hope, the offer came.

Looking for a new job? Here are 6 things to consider

And when you don’t meet them, you’ll only harbor more mental and physical stress, as well as burnout and physical exhaustion. Just as you consider the position’s hours, workload, wages, employee benefits, location, and so on, they have certain qualities they’re looking for. An organization needs to make sure you have the right behavior and attitude for their company culture.

  • However, with this new outlook came new obstacles, as Steven battled with the anxiety of waiting to hear back from recruiters.
  • You might be a brilliant project manager with all the right certifications and experience.
  • So, for instance, you might bring up your experiences in response to a question about your biggest personal lesson or struggle.
  • Trying to change what isn’t within your control will only drain your energy and leave you more anxious.
  • You can also try to find a new community of those who are in the same situation that you are in, whether through a support group or on social media.
  • Over time Steven got into the swing of things and became better and better at preparing for interviews.

This increase in awareness can help a person identify the symptoms of a depressive episode, such as irritability, fatigue, or negative thought patterns. I’m not saying this to discourage you; it’s simply a reminder that you are competition with many people, and rejection will be part of the game. After a while, it’s common to start feeling bad about yourself, but you must stay positive.

Why can’t I keep a job? Overcoming 5 common challenges

What kind of work are you looking for and why should you get it? Preparing the answers to those questions will help you tackle any questions you’re asked from potential employers. When we care about each other, we spark chains of change that have long-reaching impacts. Connecting with my hardest to reach clients was almost always about treating them as a human being — not just a problem to be solved. Exercising and staying active is a great way to release some of the stress caused by unemployment. Platforms like My Fitness Pal and Endomondo can help you keep track of your progress and provide training tips.

job hunting depression

These were nerve-wracking, but, the fact that they happened meant someone decided that I was good enough, smart enough, and qualified enough for the job,” he explains. While he saw his friends as hard-working, qualified candidates, he had a hard time seeing himself in the same light. “I would look at them and think, you’re so qualified, you deserve that position and worked hard for it.

Reorganize your home, your finances, and your time

Many people are influenced by their environment — and disorder in your environment can cause disorder in your emotions, too. Prior to a job interview, practice answering the usual “why are you right for this position? Knowing your worth in an interview will come through in your answer. And in the same way, if you don’t believe you’re right for the job, the interviewer may also see that come through. A 2015 study referred to the high unemployment rate at that time as a public health concern due to the close link between unemployment and depression in young adults. Looking to stay connected to the social-impact space during a job search?

  • If your home is messy, your budget chaotic, or your daily schedule lacking, it can feel overwhelming and increase symptoms of depression.
  • Take the time to care for yourself, instead of only focusing on results, as this can lead you to burnout and depression on your search.
  • The right amount of quality sleep is crucial for mental health.
  • You will want to be sure to stick to your sleep schedule so that your body is able to properly rest and recharge.
  • We will feel the economic impact of COVID-19 for years to come.
  • In this instance, it’s hard not to feel hopeless about your job search.

But if you apply for a job you’re not qualified for, you’re probably not going to get it. Another 41% say they’ve had more conflicts or arguments than usual with family and friends. But what is important is that you find ways to move forward and learn something new from every rejection you have faced. If you feel such a mistake has been made, then you could try reaching out to the recruiter or the hiring manager to check on the progress of your application. But keep in mind that these appeals may not always be successful. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there are 18 million people currently unemployed in the US alone.

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