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retail store accounting basics

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What is the basic accounting for a retail shop?

What is retail accounting? At its most basic, retail accounting counts the cost of inventory relative to the selling price. In fact, calling it retail accounting makes it sound as if there is a special discipline of accounting, especially for retailers.

When you run a small business your financial health will fluctuate – profits go up and sometimes down, costs increase or decrease, and sales are great one month and slow the next. Keeping on top of your business accounting is essential for long-term success and business growth. As a business owner, paying yourself sometimes gets overlooked, especially when you’re starting out and trying to help your cash flow. But there are sound reasons why you should, not least because there are efficient ways to do it to minimise your personal tax liability. Taking card payments and payments online and integrating this with your small business accounting software can make life easier for you.

What’s the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

Even if you’re happy to do your weekly, monthly and yearly bookkeeping, it’s always advisable to seek help from an e-commerce accountant for your end-of-year tax report. Although you might seek the assistance of an e-commerce accountant to help manage your finances, it’s still advisable that you understand the basics. Now, if maths and finances aren’t necessarily your forte, this is where accounting software can really help you.

retail store accounting basics

Make sure you always keep organised, accurate records, and putting together your annual accounts will be much easier. Expenses are another area where there’s some complexity when it comes to tax. Basically, most expenses incurred personally by company employees are exempt from tax, and don’t need to be reported as long as certain criteria are met. However, other expenses – like retail accounting company cars or private healthcare – do need to be specifically accounted for using the form P11D. There are multiple ways of doing this, and comprehensive guides to this can be found online, like this page on fixed assets, depreciation, and amortisation from Ainsworth Accountants. Make sure to ask your accountant what they think the best strategy would be for your company.

Total cost (beginning inventory)

This can be an effective way to raise finance for businesses with a poor credit history that need a quick injection of cash. There could be a number of relatively simple ways to increase your revenue that you’ve overlooked. For example, something as simple as offering an early payment discount to your customers could lead to a short-term cashflow injection. Alternatively, if you’re not using all of the available space in your business premises, you could consider subleasing the unused square footage to raise additional income or downsizing to lower your rent. On the other hand, if you have a method of marketing your business that’s proven to generate results, increasing your marketing spend temporarily will lead to an upturn in sales.

retail store accounting basics

Great service from Venn accounts in preparing the accounts for my retail business. They were also incredibly helpful with a number of other bits and pieces, including some tricky VAT issues. With proper tax planning you can reduce much of the stress around what you need to pay HMRC, and when you need tocomplete your tax returns. Small and medium-sized enterprises are very much key drivers of the UK economy, but it’s important they tap into the type of accounting support that will help to guide their ongoing growth and development.

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Register your business with HMRC or your company with Companies House; open a business bank account; and set up your financial record-keeping system. A project accountant is responsible for helping a project manager monitor progress and transactions, including tracking financial variances, expenses and any revenues. Sometimes project accounting has other challenges, such as staff in disparate geographical or functional departments. Project accounting procedures can enable everyone in your organisation to view the status of their project tasks based on their assigned role. This structure helps accountants and managers monitor projects that span several years because they don’t have to generate reports on an annual or another accounting period basis. We recommend keeping records of your business’s sales and purchases with online accounting software.

  • In the case of limited companies, dividend income is tax at lower rates and there are no National Insurance contributions to pay, making it a tax-efficient way to take money out of a limited company.
  • Small Business Build a growing, resilient business by clearing the unique hurdles that small companies face.
  • Sometimes, all it takes is a single event such as a market downturn, a late payment from a customer or a dip in sales to tip the balance.
  • In the second month, the company incurred another $1,200 in costs and completed the remaining 60% of the project.

You need to understand product merchandising, advertising and marketing, stock control, customer service, market research, supplier negotiation and more. When starting out the bookkeeping journey; take your time in making the right choices for the business. Balance Sheet – A balance sheet shows a snapshot of the businesses finances. You may want to use the services of a bookkeeper regularly; this will leave you more time to run your business knowing that the accounts are in safe hands.

Get the accounting basics right from the start

In the early days of a new business, it is not unusual for a small business to make a loss. However, over the longer term, if the business struggles to breakeven, it’s a sign that it may not be financially viable. Calculating the breakeven point can help you determine if your prices are too low or your costs are too high and evaluate a potential business expansion or new project.

What is bookkeeping in retail?

Bookkeeping for retail stores involves tracking sales, expenses, payables, receivables and inventory.

Which option you choose depends on your budget, time and company set-up, as well as your confidence in managing the finances. It stands to reason that if two heads are better than one, then entrepreneurs have a better chance of survival if they utilise those that know better; and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to accountancy. Very few entrepreneurs make the decision to go it alone because they just love accounting. Setting realistic and measurable goals to aim for is an essential aspect of setting up a successful business. Without measurable goals, a business can end up sitting still or worse, spiralling out of control.

If working with an accountant or bookkeeper, you can also authorise direct access. We are an accredited accountancy partner in the UK, delivering accounting, financial management, bookkeeping, and tax preparation solutions to retail and wholesale businesses. Having expertise in multiple accounting software, our team of bookkeepers offer swift business growth implementation solutions at a fixed cost, 50% less than what you would spend on an in-house team.

  • At Venn Accounts, we combine solid experience with a forward-thinking approach, using leading edge cloud accounting to offer a range of dedicated accounting services to SMEs andstartups.
  • Most banks offer additional services to small businesses and entrepreneurs; they might include guidance on business planning or the cash flow statement.
  • You can offer personalized discounts, for instance, by discovering lower sales groups in your contacts list.
  • Project accounting focuses on the financial transactions related to managing a project including costs, billing and revenue.
  • If you have multiple bank accounts, you may want to consider using a coding system that includes the bank’s name and the account number.
  • The following pointers will help you to get started in bookkeeping for your small business.

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