Why Do You Need To Be Cautious About Cloud Security?

A Harvard Business Review report states that the cloud has set a new benchmark for business success and high performance. Organizations that do not use cloud services are at a disadvantage. The answer is that cloud services are more of a necessity than an option. The benefits of the cloud are much higher than classic servers. When an enterprise opts for cloud storage, it needs to move both corporate and customer data to remote servers. The data stored on remote servers can be lost due to a number of sudden and unexpected events.

  • Although all cloud providers prioritize security, you should go the extra mile to make sure the provider ensures top-tier security.
  • When your team can access, view, and edit critical data from remote locations, at the instant they need it, it boosts their productivity.
  • A holistic approach to IAM can protect cloud applications and improve an organization’s overall security posture.
  • Just as developers are not responsible for conducting penetration tests and code reviews for their own code, cloud operations should not oversee their own cloud security implementation.
  • Malware can risk files in a shared folder by automatically synchronizing with a cloud storage service.

To fight such threats, you need a team of experts to secure the servers. Whether you are a personal user or a business owner, cloud security is essential for you. If you are a business owner, your customers have the right to confidentiality, and as a business, you are legally bound to keep customer data secure. Moreover, if your business belongs to the banking or healthcare sector, you will need to follow more stringent data security rules. To ensure you don’t run into data leak and data theft problems, choose your cloud provider wisely.

What Is Trustable Data?

All you need to do is choose a reputed cloud service provider, and train your employees for basic cybersecurity practices. Organizations may use one or all three of these types of cloud services. You should look for offerings that have a similar security strategy to that of your organization, and that provide multiple security solutions in a single platform.

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Why do you need cloud security

With cloud backup, your data will be saved from a few moments after it’s created, and no disaster can ruin it. The completeness of data refers to the extent to which a given dataset contains all relevant data expected by the user, and all mandatory data attributes are available. Data consistency is the extent to which data is presented similarly and as compatible as the previous data. Consistency also applies to different aspects of data, including; data values being similar in all instances, data attributes, and data types having a basic structure, and data sources having no contradictions.

Why Do You Need To Be Cautious About Cloud Security?

The capacity to turn up new distributed computing occurrences right away reshaped the spryness and speed of programming advancement. Engineers can undoubtedly test novel thoughts and plan application designs without the reliance on location equipment restrictions or slow acquisition processes. Before we make the plunge with the advantages an organization can accomplish by embracing a cloud framework, we should investigate what precisely distributed computing is.

But with such a method, forgotten passwords would be common, draining the productivity of both your IT team and your users. To overcome this, users tend to set weak passwords which are easy to remember. The solution to this problem is to use an Identity and Access Management solution like CloudNow Technologies’ Akku. ● Provide basic cybersecurity training to employees, especially for protection against phishing attacks. EVs are hands-down better than gas-powered cars for the climate.

Why do you need cloud security

For this reason, companies have to go a step further and deploy high-end security solutions to prevent data breaches. While the move to the cloud can improve the efficiency of your operations to a great extent, it also requires you to choose a vendor you can trust to protect your network against the threats mentioned above. CloudNow’s cloud security solutions provide you with the security edge you require to peacefully conduct operations on the cloud without worrying about the threats trying to breach your network. The number of enterprises migrating their applications and data to the cloud has been increasing consistently.

So now you can use the brilliant minds to do some miracles for your organization. In fact, 80% of organizations are going to experience at least one compromised account this month. But on average, organizations experienced 12.2 incidents where stolen account credentials were used to gain access to corporate data stored in the cloud service. It was also found that 92% have cloud credentials for sale on the dark web. Small and medium-sized businesses can quickly scale globally with cloud solutions. If you are thinking about why to choose cloud computing, these benefits are helpful.

Endpoint Security

But the unifying idea is that “trust” needs to be eliminated from the equation, specifically, “implicit” trust, according to Weinert. In other words, users shouldn’t be automatically trusted to access applications and data just because they were able to authenticate and gain access to the network. If it’s lost or deleted, consequences could be catastrophic for any business. Accordingly, it needs to be properly saved, secured and backed up. One way to do this is to have internal servers where backups happen regularly.

Cloud application security doesn’t come to you in a ready-made box, so it’s important to integrate security measures such as identity access management with broader enterprise security processes. IAM ensures that each user is authenticated and only authorized data and application functions. A holistic approach to IAM can protect cloud applications and improve an organization’s overall security posture. The process of securing cloud-based software applications throughout the development lifecycle is known as cloud application security. The cloud service providers normally store all data of an enterprise in multi-regional storage.

Hackers are constantly improving their hacking capabilities to keep up with the latest data security developments. Some organizations mistakenly believe that older security software versions will protect against existing threats, but this is not the case. Therefore, you should regularly update security software to the latest version to detect emerging threats. Along with application security, data privacy and compliance are crucial to protecting end-users of cloud-native applications. For example, compliance with GDPR requires a careful review of open source components that are often used to accelerate cloud-native application development.

Cloud Firewalls are special firewalls that specifically protect your cloud data and resources. They from a solid layer of protection around your cloud platform and are the first line of defense in case of an attack. That’s why it’s important to recognize which applications are essential, and which ones are a risk waiting to happen. By removing unused apps and deprovisioning unused licenses, your company reduces the number of channels through which your sensitive data is exposed. Also, insider threats are giving enterprises lots of botheration. Weak internal configurations and insecure APIs are causing cloud vulnerabilities and data loss.

Advanced Security Features

Additionally, you must comply with PCI DSS requirements if you process, store or transfer credit card data in your cloud environment. Data encryption, access controls, and other cloud security controls can also help protect the privacy of app users. Leveraging encryption for data at each of these stages can reduce the risk of cloud applications leaking sensitive data. Encryption is essential to achieve a high level of security and privacy that protects organizations from intellectual property theft, reputation damage, and loss of revenue. Runtime Application Self Protection is a security solution designed to provide personalized protection to applications. It leverages insight into an application’s internal data and state to enable it to identify threats at runtime that other security solutions might have otherwise missed.

Why do you need cloud security

That way, if an unauthorized person copies the data files, the data is useless as they cannot open it. While this is the best approach, it can sometimes cause performance issues, so many developers prefer not to use encryption. Application developers should focus more specifically on data security, as most attacks aim to obtain sensitive data.


Still, confusion about which security tools can genuinely help to deliver the promise of zero trust, and which ones are just pretending to live up to its potential, is a growing problem. A key framework for how to secure against modern cyberattacks, zero trust has seen surging interest from business leaders — and been prone to misuse by many vendors. Click HereGET YOUR FREE ATTACK SURFACE REPORTGain https://globalcloudteam.com/ visibility into your attack surface and mitigate cyber risks with RiskXchange. Traditional tools and processes are unable to continuously monitor compliance on cloud apps and workloads. Security teams must keep on top of ensuring cloud apps are compliant. Data breaches and data lossoften stem from mistakes like encryption not enabled, a simple misconfiguration, or vulnerabilities in workloads.

An Unlikely Cybersecurity Hero: Your Insurance Company

Like regular firewalls, cloud firewalls also work on filtering rules. A firewall monitors all access and edit requests to cloud data. If a request doesn’t follow a filtering rule, it is marked as malicious and is immediately blocked.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Adding the complexity of cloud services, SaaS applications and mobile devices makes security and visibility even harder. As organizations shift their data and applications to the cloud, security can become an afterthought as many assume the vendors are responsible for providing proper security. However, security is a shared responsibility between an organization and its cloud vendor, showcasing the importance of security across the entire organizational infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud. Data leaks to the public are common, but not because of cyber attacks but poor security practices. Data leaks to the public might not be as critical as data theft but can hinder your business integrity and brand reputation. This point is vital because no matter how good your cloud infrastructure & security is if you and your employees don’t adhere to cybersecurity practices, your business will always be vulnerable.

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In the past, data was controlled mainly through IT and stored inside a protected perimeter. Remote access to the data was permission-based and almost always through a VPN. With a defined perimeter, cloud computing security companies IT was able to control access tightly. However, with the mix of Hybrid, SAAS, IAAS and PAAS, controls now need to span from on-prem to cloud and potentially a combination of them.

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