How to Make a Ride-Sharing App like Uber in 6 Easy Steps

With this being said, let’s get started with the Customer’s side. The best technical way to proceed with Uber-like software is to develop it natively. In addition, you can include the factor of the Uber car model, which influences the final service fare.

  • Apple, Google, Yandex, or other map integrations allow the driver to get to the passenger by the best available route.
  • Also, they will have tons of expertise and a large portfolio of work.
  • In general, these apps allowed people to interact with doctors in real time through their phones.
  • This isn’t just time effective but also quite convenient for the user.
  • Rating – To bring trust and reliability to its service, Uber offers users a chance to leave a rating and submit feedback of their ride experience.
  • So, those are the key stages of a taxi booking app development process.
  • Kotlin is an advanced language and has better features that make it a better option to use.

I requested an app after submitting a basic outline, and I received an outcome that exceeds my expectations. I am extremely impressed by the team’s professionalism and prompt response. This Indian-based startup gained huge success in the span of 12 years. If you want to make an app like Uber, you should also check the features of OLA.

How can you improve your app development process?

So, as you may see, building an Uber-like app may be a real gold mine. The idea of an Uber-like transportation and mobility app really works and definitely deserves your attention. GoShare connects you with vetted delivery pros on-demand for help with last-mile delivery, logistics, and moving. That’s the point about building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). You should include the main “selling points” in the initial version of your app.

For those who don’t know what fleet management is, it refers to the managing of commercial vehicles in large numbers. This can be anything from taxi cars to trucks and other vehicles. We saw that a lot of things changed in the following pandemic. But more changed behind the curtains than in front of our eyes.

Get your Tech, sorted!

GPS tracking is used to identify the current location, find cars and track the journey. The latest update in Onde lets users share the location – just like in Uber. Rating – To bring trust and reliability to its service, Uber offers users a chance to leave a rating and submit feedback of their ride experience.

Uber uses a powerful functional database system; they use a NoSQL database built on a MySQL database. The database is required to scale data horizontally the system should be able to read because of the constant notification of GPS location. Uber uses Redis and Schemaless which is used for long-term data storage. The dispatch system operates on maps, locations, GPS, data, and mapping.

UX/UI Design

There’s no need to overload your users with a list of questions and specifications. User feedback and driver (or passenger) ratings are integral parts of an Uber-like app. For example, cases when a driver moves to the user while the user doesn’t see any movement on the screen of his mobile phone. However, you should spend time making your building more visually attractive.

Also, a state-of-the art design of this app provides an excellent user experience. It is also known for various social initiatives, such as attempts to create user playlists. So, that’s all with the basic features for your transportation and mobility app.

Push notification and SMS

Changes in technology make systems vulnerable for small businesses from the cost perspective. There are two levels of features you must add to your website. The success of the taxi-sharing business made the startup owner think about how to make an app like uber.

how to create an app like uber

Cancellation fee – Users are charged a cancellation fee in case they decide to cancel their booked rides. To add this important feature, Uber uses CoreLocation for iOS implementation and Google’s location APIs for its Android implementation. However, they still manage to attract a broad audience of users in specific regions. One more important thing to know about these guys is that they are very much into user-friendly interfaces. That’s when you go for your apps’ optimization, support, and maintenance.

Technologies Used to Build an App Like Uber

In this part of the article, you will learn how to make an app like Uber from a technical point of view. As Uber has already opened its API to the public, you create an app like uber can use it to create an app like Uber. Otherwise, there is an overview of all the technical integrations you might need during Uber-like app development.

how to create an app like uber

This allows friends to divide their expenses and pay for their charges. Since bill splitting is so popular these days, this feature might make your app blow up. Scheduling a ride is a feature that allows the customer to book a ride in advance. This comes in handy when a person is arriving at a location via a flight and a train and doesn’t want to wait for their ride standing outside.

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At the lowest cost and with flexible pricing packages, we fulfil the unique demands of our customers. We will help you build an app like Uber within just a matter of a few days. And over this brief period of time, we have learned to execute some of the finest process backed with above par strategies and result-driven scopes. So, join hands and let’s get on the journey to unleash maximum productivity. The process starts when a customer sends a request for a car from a specific location.

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